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WebStory - blogging made easy... Blogging made easy...

If you have been searching for a good blogging software to manage, write, publish and back up all your blogs, then you will find WebStory a blogging software that you do not want to blog without!

Diary - sweet memories forever... Some things you only keep to yourself...

If you've longed for privacy in expressing your thoughts, photos and sounds, we've been there. That's why we started Chrysanth Diary, the perfect diary software. Unlike other digital diaries, Chrysanth Diary can go wherever you go, in just a thumbdrive! Every thought, every ramble, every opinion counts... that's why backing up is easy, so you'll never lose a single page of your life.

Email Notifier Inbox so full of spam it's getting out of hand?

With Email Notifier, your inbox will be automatically scanned and the good mails will be seperated from the junk mails! Don't waste time sifting through ridiculous spam mails. Somebody's got to do the dirty job, and that's Email Notifier! A free program with no adware or spyware (because we hate them too). Supports multiple POP3, IMAP4 and Gmail accounts simultaneously.