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What is RSS?
RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary" and it is a convenient yet open standard for delivering information updates, be it news headlines, stock quotes, blog updates or others. This means that by subscribing to a website's RSS feed, you will be notified of any updates without having to actually visit the site.

RSS is commonly used for blogs and news sites, but more and more websites are starting to adopt this nifty piece of technology because it makes life easier for web surfers. Whether it's updates or mailing lists, RSS will definitely be staying for a long time to come.

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How do I view RSS feeds?
You can try out our Free RSS Reader. Unlike regular RSS readers which require you to run a separate program on your desktop, our Free RSS Reader is just a small toolbar that sits quietly on your Internet Explorer without interrupting your web surfing. All your favourite RSS feeds will be gathered in one place, the latest updates will be delivered to you in real time and whenever you click on an RSS feed, it will display as a properly formatted webpage instead of the usual gibberish. This toolbar loads fast, and we guarantee there's no spyware or adware.

If you just wish to view a single feed, you can also use the Online RSS Viewer.

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My website does not have an RSS feed. How do I create one?
It's simple! Upon signing in to My NETime Channel, go to My RSS Letters. You do not need to have any knowledge in programming languages like HTML or XML. With just a few clicks, you will be given a URL for your RSS feed which you can insert into your website and encourage your friends to subscribe to it.

Best of all, it's free!

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Why should I create my own RSS feed?
Because RSS is a powerful and fun phenomenon that is sweeping the Internet, replacing mailing lists and the need to find out for yourself manually if a site has been updated. Whether you have a blog, a photo gallery, a personal/company website, an online catalog, an online radio show, etc., RSS is the way to go and it will definitely make life easier for your visitors.

You can also control if you want your RSS feed to be available to the public or only to a selected group of people (eg. for family mailing lists). Did we mention that it's also very easy to create your own RSS feed?

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How do I get people to subscribe to my RSS feed?
For public viewing, sign in to My NETime Channel and go to My Recommendations to add your RSS feed to our growing database. Or if you wish to create an RSS feed using My RSS Letters, just follow the instructions there.

If you do not wish to make your RSS feed available to the public (eg. for family mailing lists), please follow the instructions during your creation of an RSS feed in My RSS Letters (available to My NETime Channel users only).

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How can I help My NETime Channel users to add my RSS feed directly to their accounts?
Insert this button on your website:

The HTML code behind that button should be:
<a href="[your Channel URL here]">
  <img border=0 src="">
For more information, please contact us at

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What is the difference between Online RSS Viewer and Free RSS Reader?
The Online RSS Viewer allows you to view RSS feeds in a properly formatted web page instead of gibberish. However, you can only view a single feed at a time.

On the other hand, the Free RSS Reader is a small toolbar that sits on your Internet Explorer. It stores all your favorite RSS feeds, informs you when feeds are updated, and automatically converts RSS feeds into properly formatted webpages whenever you click on an RSS link. For more information or to download, click here.

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